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Last Mile Service

Last mile in supply chain management and transportation planning is the last leg of a journey comprising the movement of people and goods from a transportation hub to a final destination.

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Surface Cargo Service

Shipkaro delivery is an cargo innovative service

At Shipkaro surface cargo is handled through the Hub and Spoke system wherein, the cargo is shipped from different locations to a centralized hub. The cargo is then segregated as per the spokes or the routes and is dispatched accordingly. The Shipkaro surface network covers the delivery of cargo Pan India.

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E-Commerce Service

Shipkaro delivery is an innovative service

Shipkaro is among the first e-commerce delivery companies in India that offers an array of services which includes cross border and technology services, parcel transportation, freight, and fulfilment services. If you are on the lookout for the right e-commerce courier service in India that you can put your trust in, then you are in the right place.

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Shipkaro delivery innovative service effective logistics solution for the delivery small cargo.

Shipkaro delivery is an innovative service is effective logistics solution for the delivery of small cargo. This service is use for companies of various effective logistics scale Shipkaro delivery.

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